Good Ideas Deserve to be Found.

Inside every small business is an idea. Some are simple, some are brave, some are a little bizarre. But each business's idea is perfect for someone out there. And with the help of Facebook Ads, both businesses and customers can find their kind of people. It's a special thing, really. That's why good ideas deserve
to be found.

We brought the whole campaign to life with the mother of good ideas and taste, the one and only Grace Jones.

Authentic Stories

After the launch film, we dove deeper into the businesses featured in the anthem. Short-form videos and social posts told their authentic stories of how they found just their kind of people. 


Authentic Social Stories

On Instagram we told the detailed stories of other small businesses whose good ideas had been found by thousands of customers, making what could have been just a testimonial into something memorable. 

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Streaming Audio

We partnered with Spotify and popular podcasts to bring our campaign to life for audio-first mediums and re-enlisted the

help of the mother of good ideas, Grace Jones. 

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And once the campaign launched it garnered the attention of major media outlets. It sparked chatter on cable news shows and got noticed by publications like The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and many more. 

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